Butylated Phenolic Resins

Phenolic Resin

Product Details:
  • Pack Size: 25 & 200 Kgs
  • Pack Type: Drum
  • Color: Yellow to brown
  • Usage: Phenolic Lacquer
  • Form: Liquid

Phenolic resins are an extremely important group of materials, which have reached a high degree of development. The chemistry of phenolic resin is extremely complex. Phenolic resins are derived from the addition of formaldehyde to phenols.

A Para-substituted phenol (di-alcohols) when reacted with formaldehyde gives a condensation reaction which can be easily controlled.



  • Product Code: SYNPOL L-9
  • Colour & Appearance
  • % Non Volatiles (+,- 2): 65
  • Solvent: n-butanol

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: L-9
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